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TrueBrowser Website Monitoring

Not all website monitoring is created equal. Traditional website monitoring only tests the HTTP access to a URL and does not load, render or test the actual contents of the page. In addition, the performance data collected by these traditional website monitoring services does not include the load time of the page content like images, Javascript, AJAX, and media files.

AlertBot's TrueBrowser® Monitoring provides best-in-class website monitoring using its TrueBrowser technology to launch real web browsers and test websites inside those browsers. AlertBot's TrueBrowser Monitoring loads and renders every element of the page, including images, Javascript, AJAX and Flash, to fully test their functionality and performance. This allows businesses to track the real-world performance of their websites and easily pinpoint errors and performance issues with individual page elements that would otherwise go unnoticed using traditional monitoring solutions.

TrueBrowser Website Monitoring

Key Capabilities of TrueBrowser® Monitoring:

  • Tests Websites with Real Web Browsers
  • Verifies page functionality
  • Loads JavaScript, AJAX, media, images & more
  • Measures Performance
  • Fully renders pages
  • Validates page content


AlertBot's TrueBrowser® Monitoring provides businesses with an unprecedented view of their performance from a real browser's perspective. Businesses are able to not only see page load times but they can drill down to every object on the page with our Waterfall FX technology. This includes the performance of every image, media file, and interactive feature on the business' website. This information allows businesses to easily spot bottlenecks and performance issues. Some of the data collected and reported by AlertBot's TrueBrowser Monitoring includes:

  • DNS, TCP, HTTP Response Time
  • Object Breakdown Waterfall
  • AJAX & Javascript Load Time
  • Full-page Load Performance
  • Test Step Breakdown
  • Availability Summary
  • Errors Breakdown
  • Test Log and Failure Log
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Real-time Status
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AlertBot offers industry leading alerting that includes false-positive alert protection and escalated testing on error.
False-positive alert protection eliminates false-positive alerts by validating errors from multiple independent test
locations. This process determines whether the error is occurring at your network level or somewhere else in the
delivery chain. When an error is detected, a retest is performed within 1-minute
to gather additional diagnostic information
and alert you faster.

  • False-alert Protection
  • Alerts deliver via email, text message, or automated phone call
  • Customizable alert escalation system
  • 1-minute retest on error



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