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Consumers these days expect websites to run at peak performance and be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To meet these needs, businesses must ensure their websites load quickly and run error-free around the clock or suffer the consequences of lost sales and customer satisfaction.

"A delay of just six seconds versus five to download a page can impact visitor conversions to sales by seven percent, page views by 11 percent and customer satisfaction by 16 percent. What a difference a single second can make!"- Aberdeen Group Inc

This is where AlertBot's Website Monitoring service comes in. AlertBot's Website Monitoring provides businesses with around the clock testing of their website pages. This monitoring includes the testing of all possible webpage failure points as well as the verification of key performance metrics. This data gives businesses the information they need to ensure their websites are always running error-free and providing a quality user experience.

Key Capabilities of Website Monitoring:

  • Test Website Pages
  • Test Search Functions
  • Test Submittal Forms
  • Test Database Functionality
  • Test SSL Security
  • Test Load Balancing
  • Test Login Forms
  • Test Downloads


The reporting features of AlertBot's Website Monitoring provide businesses with important information about the performance of their web pages. AlertBot displays this performance data in easy to understand charts and graphs. This information allows business to gain important insights into their website's performance and use this knowledge to make critical business decisions. AlertBot also provides detailed test logs that allow businesses to dig deeper by analyzing the results of every test. Some of the data reported by AlertBot's Website Monitoring includes:

  • DNS Response Time
  • TCP Response Time
  • HTTP Response Time
  • Test Step Breakdown
  • Availability Summary
  • Error Breakdown
  • Test Log and Failure Log
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Real-time Status
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AlertBot includes an advanced alerting system that notifies personnel of website failures before these failures seriously affect their business. This system includes a unique Alert Escalation feature that allows businesses to select how, where, and when personnel get contacted. AlertBot's alerting system also includes false-alert protection features, which verify failures from multiple geographic locations before
notifying personnel. AlertBot's advanced
alerting system includes:

  • False-alert Protection
  • Alerts deliver via email, text message, or automated phone calls
  • Customizable Alert Escalation System



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